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Roofing Leads in your city

Roofing Leads in your city

Every day homeowners in your area search for companies just like yours to get quotes for new roofing, roof replacements, and roof repairs. What we do is connect those homeowners to companies such as your own either by call routing or internet forms.

All you need to do is tell us how many leads you want per day/week, what kind of leads/job types you want to receive, and your hours of operation. From there we'll use our proprietary technology to connect homeowners to you quickly and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up, we will automatically begin forwarding you leads of your choice. We currently offer two distinct options:

  • Live Call Leads (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    • Live Call Leads have the highest probability to convert into actual sales in relation to any other leads out there, period. Did you know that after only 5 minutes that the odds of contacting a lead decrease 10 TIMES?
    • By receiving Live Call Leads you will be able to schedule and eventually close leads provided by Rungs at a much higher rate than any other lead type available.
  • Internet Contact Forms

    • Internet contact form leads can be a great option if you just do not have time or the resources available to field Live Call Leads.
    • Internet contact forms can also be a great supplemental lead type to receive in addition to Live Call Leads.

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  • Only Pay for REAL Leads
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