If you’re ranking #1 for ‘large purple widgets’, you’re doing good, but the war has just begun. This is the perfect opportunity to run ads for the exact same keyword and truly DOMINATE the SERPs. By running ads right alongside your organic listing, you will effectively take up more of the prime real estate above-the-fold and greatly increase your exposure and visibility to your target market. You will also greatly increase the likelihood of those in your target market clicking through to your website where you have the opportunity to woo them and convert them into paying customers.

Just take a look at what GoPro is doing.

SERP Domination - Paid Search - Google Shopping - Rungs

Running Paid Search Ads

In almost every instance with a competitive term for a product related search query, there will be paid search ads displayed above organic listings. Even with a #1 organic ranking, or even #1, #2, & #3 rankings, someone (or several advertisers) will be occupying the paid search ad inventory above the organic listings. You have to ask yourself, do you want that someone to be you, or do you want your competitors to have the opportunity to siphon off that traffic just by paying a few pennies on the dollar? If you answered your competitors, I feel sorry for your lost revenue. If you want to take full advantage of the tools and opportunity at your disposal, always run Paid Search ads right alongside your top ranking organic listings.

Running Google Shopping Ads

Nowadays, you will also see many Google Shopping ads running along the top or to the right of the SERPs. If your products aren’t showing up alongside your organic rankings and ideally your Paid Search ads, you are effectively leaving money on the table for your competitors to snatch up and walk off with. By utilizing Google Shopping ads, with Paid Search ads, all alongside top organic rankings, you can take up as much of the real estate available to your business and effectively drive as much of that traffic to your site. So long as your site converts, the odds of this traffic turning into long-term or even lifelong customers is significantly higher.

*One side-note for Google Shopping ads is unlike Paid Search ads, you can even go as far as dominating the Google Shopping ads shown in the SERPs as well. If you have multiple products that are relevant to the search query with high enough Ad Rank, you can populate several, or in certain scenarios, ALL of the Shopping ads displayed. This tactic requires a lot of work, and a lot of budget. But if you’re the authority in your market, it’s a bold move that can potentially let you put a stranglehold on any incoming searches.


Always take up as much real estate as you can, whenever you can. By taking this approach you can greatly increase the likelihood of potential customers coming to your site versus your competitors. By going the extra mile, you can almost guarantee that they choose you by sheer force and cunning.

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