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About Rungs

Rungs - Definition

We consistently grow ecommerce stores with industry leading PPC strategies, and we do it fast. Unlike your typical, run-of-the-mill agency offering every service under the sun, we only offer a single service offering. And we do it very, very well. We are specialists at Ecommerce PPC Management and have had more than 300 client facing relationships over the past 6 years. By focusing 100% on only clients we know we can help, we can offer a specialized service that your company can reap the most benefit from.

With a focus on ROI and innovative growth strategies, we are constantly pushing the limits in the market to find what works best for our clients. Your situation is unique to you and your business and it can at times be tough to get traction in certain channels. With our experience serving hundreds of e-commerce clients, we know the path of least resistance. By implementing our proven strategies, your results will be nothing short of spectacular in short time.

Tom Varney
Tom VarneyChief Growth Officer
Founder of Rungs, Tom has been in the digital marketing arena since 2012. Having built his own businesses using paid traffic, he took his skills to the next level by rapidly rising through the ranks at a Digital Marketing Agency. In 2015 Tom started a PPC Management department which rapidly grew to managing more than $1M/mo in ecommerce client ad spend via Google Ads & Bing Ads.

Rungs was founded on the promise of providing a high-quality service with exceptional communication and transparency at a fair price. By taking a no nonsense approach and only serving Ecommerce stores, Rungs is set to climb through the ranks by helping our clients consistently grow their online revenues.

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