Our Mission

We believe in doing great work for a fair price. In all of our dealings with customers and prospective customers our mission is and always will be to maintain the highest level of transparency and integrity while providing value. The truth is often clouded in marketing and advertising and our goal is to offer a beacon of light pointing businesses in the right direction whenever we can. Sometimes that means being brutally honest with our customers knowing that we may lose their business. There are always scenarios that can and will occur and we are prepared to stand strong in the face of adversity with you.

Changing the World

As a company we have very specific goals that we are working towards. We believe that as human beings we have an obligation to help others by giving back. This can be by community service, spreading awareness, assisting non-profit organizations, or by means of charitable giving. Here at Rungs, we have an ambitious goal of starting a non-profit organization (NPO) to fund medical research. To help work towards that goal we will be taking 5% of all profit generated from our business to put in a fund we will then use to cover start-up costs for the NPO.

Based on our growth goals we anticipate to launch the non-profit organization by 2020. Updates for the project will be made on our blog as they become available.