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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is Google’s shopping comparison engine. By giving retailers of all shapes and sizes the ability to submit custom tailored product feeds the playing field has been effectively leveled. It is now possible for small and medium sized retailers to compete side-by-side with the larger retailers in many different ways.

What Makes Google Shopping Campaigns Different Than Paid Search?

The main difference between Google Shopping campaigns and paid search is the ability to utilize keywords for targeting. If you’re accustomed to spending your days writing ad copy variations and testing, Google Shopping is a sight for sore eyes. Unlike Paid Search campaigns, Google Shopping campaigns do not use keywords for targeting. Instead, your product feed that you submit is what is used to determine relevancy in relation to a users search query.

Let’s say for example a user was searching for bright red socks:

Google Shopping Red Socks - Rungs

The results you see above are highly relevant to the search with various prices, from various vendors, and various styles.

While you do not have control over your keywords, you do have control of the product feed that you submit. You can optimize your product feed in many different ways that can have a significant impact on what search queries you show up for and even the purchase intent of the keywords you show up for. This can be accomplished by utilizing search query funneling by using negative keywords and campaign priorities.

Search Query Funneling

Search Query Funneling is an often underused but extremely powerful way to optimize the revenue producing potential of your Shopping campaigns. By using negative keywords strategically on your campaigns you can structure your campaigns in such a way that allows you to bid more for more relevant and higher purchase intent keywords, and bid less on lower relevancy & lower purchase intent keywords. This type of control over when your Shopping Ads show up and how much you pay based on purchase intent is a recipe for success for most retailers.

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