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White Label Google Ads Management for Agencies

Are your clients asking you to manage their Google Ads & Bing Ads accounts? Do you know that they can do extremely well based on their business model and market? Are you looking for a partner that consistently generates high returns via Paid Search, Display, Youtube & Shopping campaigns? Look no further.

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White Label PPC Management for Agencies - Rungs
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Who Do We Work With?

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Web Developers

  • Web Design Firms

  • Consultants & Coaches

Whether you are a small agency just getting started or an established agency with a full client roster, we can help you bring real value to your clients immediately. Our adjustable rates based on the level of service you and your clients need will be sure to be a perfect fit.

Bing Ads Growth Partner - Rungs
Shopify Partner Google Shopping - Rungs

What Do We Do?

  • Full Google Ads Management

  • Full Google Analytics Tracking Setup & Configuration

  • Paid Search Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Remarketing Ads

  • Robust Data Studio Reporting

We offer a turn-key solution to agencies that are looking to provide top tier PPC Management services for their clients. Covering everything from communication back and forth with clients, actual account management, and ongoing reporting dashboards, we take the hassle out of providing your clients with a high value service that they will love you for.

Everything You Need For Your Clients

  • Campaigns optimized towards client goals

  • 100% White Label PPC Service

  • Huge cost savings!

  • Zero overhead

  • A flexible & scalable team that can accommodate your business needs as you grow

  • No recruitment expenses or time spent interviewing employees

  • No long term contracts

  • Dedicated communication team to ensure your clients questions are always answered, fast.

  • Less headaches, more results.

  • Happier clients = Higher client retention

  • 100% US Based, English Speaking Account Managers

Optional Add-On Services

  • Bing Ads Management

  • Shopping Feed Creation & Optimization

  • Monthly Status Calls + Email Support

  • Ongoing Instant Messenger Support

Flexible Pricing

We know that your needs as an agency change by the day. By having a flexible pricing model you can increase or decrease your level of service for individual clients or your entire client roster on an as needed basis. Rungs is dedicated to serving your needs as they present themselves.

White Label PPC Reporting - Data studio - Rungs

Robust Data Studio Reporting

Your clients will always be able to see exactly how their campaigns are performing via dynamic reporting with Google Data Studio. We use our templates and add your logo to create a consistent client experience.

Consistent, Scalable Revenue Generation

Growing the revenue for your clients’ sites with Google Ads can be challenging for even the most experienced professionals. You tell us what your goals are and we’ll diligently work towards them. Look at some of the results our clients have experienced recently.


My clients are new to Google Ads. Can you set up their account?2018-09-22T15:59:05+00:00

Rungs can assist you and your clients with setting up their accounts in your MCC. We take specific steps to ensure you have full control over your clients Google Ads accounts from day 1.

Will my clients know that Rungs is managing their account?2018-09-22T15:59:34+00:00

Absolutely NOT. Rungs’ White Label PPC Management service was crafted with your company values, client experience, and inevitable success in mind. With that in mind, we offer 2 distinct options for your agency. We can 100% manage client communication on behalf of your company along with Google Ads account management, or we can strictly focus on Google Ads management and your team can speak to your clients.

By having a strategic team and processes in place we can speak to your clients on your behalf via monthly status calls and email. If your team is not knowledgeable on Google Ads then this is often the best approach as it is much more hands off for you and your team.

How does Rungs access my clients’ accounts?2018-09-22T15:59:55+00:00

In an effort to stay organized we recommend that you setup a MCC account for managing your clients Google Ads accounts. We will then request access to your MCC account and be able to manage all of your clients Google Ads accounts as needed.

Is Rungs a Google Partner?2018-09-22T16:00:16+00:00

Yes, Rungs has been a Google Partner for several years.  We have managed more than 8 figures of Google Ads spend for Ecommerce, lead generation, local service, and digital product businesses. While our area of expertise is Ecommerce, we know Google Ads like the back of our hand and can provide universal strategies to grow any Google Ads accounts in any industry.

Do you use contracts?2018-09-22T16:00:33+00:00

We know what it is like for agencies to manage many diverse clients. In an effort to best serve you, we operate on a month-to-month basis for any accounts you want us to manage. This allows your agency to be flexible and scale up or down based on your needs at any given time.

Does Google Ads work best for specific types of businesses?2018-09-22T16:00:55+00:00

Google Ads can work for virtually any type of business with the right budget and a competitive product/service offering. Your client will need to have a converting website for Google Ads to have the greatest impact. Currently we do not make changes to your clients websites to optimize for conversions.

How much should I charge my clients for PPC Management?2018-09-22T16:01:17+00:00

The majority of the agencies that we work with up-charge between 20% – 200% on top of what we charge them. You can obviously find the sweet spot based on your business, level of additional services offered by your agency, and your clients business.

Does Rungs offer one-time campaign setups or optimizations?2018-09-22T16:01:46+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not. Our White Label PPC Management service is designed to provide initial and ongoing management for your clients. With our systems and processes this works out best for you and your clients over the short and long term.